Monday, April 18, 2016


The score: a few rearrangements due to logistics & trying to make things work and flow well- even though they totally didn't.

I enjoyed this performance. Choosing a performance from the workbook was difficult because there were so many good ones, but I had to keep reminding myself to focus on sound. I felt that this was fitting because of all of the opportunities for various sounds- opening the bottle, drinking, gargling, pouring, smashing the bottle etc.

We decided to do this outside for safety reasons, but really liked how the tunnel enhanced the sounds we wanted to focus on. We stood on the table to add dimension and a better noise as we poured into a bucket farther down.

Right away something went "wrong"- the cork was cheap (the wine cost three dollars) and broke as Madison tried to open it. I liked this though, and felt that it added to the overall tone of the performance, reminiscent of the whimsy, nonsense and unpredictability of Dada and Fluxus. The sound was also great- the cork rubbing against the side of the bottle with each twist and pull and the eventual pop.

MC and others pointed out that it felt ritualistic- which I definitely understood more after watching the performance again. I wish we would have slowed down the pace of the performance to allow for focus on each of the sounds longer- drawing certain ones out, like the gargle and pour, and contrasting with the fast pop of the cork or the smash of the bottle and glass. We hadn't practiced or discussed who would lead or how long to do each thing, so we both had difficulty with pacing.

If we performed this again- I would like to have many bottles and even crackers or something to add to the visual element as well as the audio. Crunching and eating delicately as we sip then smashing later on. We would both wear white, allowing for more visual depth as we splash or drip the dark wine on ourselves. We had also briefly mentioned the idea of sipping the wine, gargling, kissing and allowing the wine to drip down our faces and necks onto our clothing- then smashing the bottle & glass and walking away. These things could all be changed according to our intentions-- I'm thinking about this.

I really like the idea of residue from the performance staying on something tangible though. For this performance, it is now on the score and the ground for a short amount of time- and in the noses of the audience members for a moment. I liked what Zara said about it being something so sweet after getting more hardcore vibes from my outfit & our boots, the violence of it all. I'll play around with this in the coming weeks.

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  1. Jessica (and Madison), this was a great performance. First off, I loved the setting. I love how you chose to do it outside (and not just for logistical reasons). I think with it being outside there was a better sense of freedom and openness, which your piece made me feel. I can also still smell the wine, I loved that after effect of your performance. I was also very surprised when you decided to drop the glass cup and bottle, I really wasn’t expecting that, but I’m glad you did. Also, I really enjoyed when you splashed around in the wine, that was great. I really like the idea that was tossed around about using a white table cloth next time (except how would you slosh around in it?) and also coordinating your outfits (maybe white dresses that get stained by the wine when you're sloshing?). Either way, very strong performance!